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Through observing the connection between health and disease and the miracle of recovery I am growing every day as a human being.
The homeopathic process helps me find within myself deep empathy to sickness and suffering, it requires me to go beyond good and bad, to reach deep down inside me and find the the light within no matter how dark it seems to be.
All sickness, as hard and difficult as it is, contains within it a seed, a prelude to deep healing and growth.
But mostly, homeopathy, is giving me the hope and the clear vision that we are all one.

We are all evolving stardust, we all came from the same place and we are all going towards the same place, towards becoming one again.


Currently translating the book by Michal Yakir  "Wondrous Order - The Table of Plants"
Through looking at the biological evolution of the plants emerges an understanding, an extraordinary parallels between the development of plants and the development of human beings.
This amazing correlation gives us a window into the growth and processes of social and spiritual development in society at large and the psychological development in the individual perspectively. 
Through introspecting this parallel fractal phenomena, as it is seen through homeopathic perspective with an addition of kabbalistic understandings, we can come to see a journey that takes us through the stages of the development of consciousness and the developments in the word that runs in amazing symmetry in each individual and in all human experiences.

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